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The services offered by McMullen Precision engineering can be divided into two main areas:


  • CNC milling- sizes up to 500mm by 300mm by 300mm
  • Manual milling- sizes up to 2000mm by 1000mm by 800mm
  • CNC turning- sizes up to 300mm long by 150mm diameter
  • Manual turning- sizes up to 2000mm long by 500mm diameter
  • Surface grinding- sizes up to 18inches long by 6 inches wide
  • Cylindrical grinding- sizes up to 300 long by 6 inch diameter


  • MIG, TIG and MMA welding
  • Oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting- up to 6 inches thick
  • Band saw cutting- maximum size of 320mm by 100mm box or 230mm round
  • Guillotine cutting- 3000mm by 10mm
  • Press brake folding- 3000mm by 6mm
  • Hydraulic pressing- 20 tons