Engineering Plastics

There are many hundreds of engineering plastics available all designed with special properties to suit specific requirements. We have worked with many of them like Delrin, Acetal, Glass Filled Nylon, PTFE and and many more. We have a number of suppliers to help supply what ever is required.

Exotic Materials

Over the years we have made parts from some very unusual and exotic materials like super duplex stainless steel, carbon fibre, titanium, copper tungsten, even solid silver!!

Custom Finishes

We can supply parts with finishes like Anodising, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Chrome plating, Black Oxide etc.

Please contact us with your requirements.


Reverse Engineering

If you require a part that is worn out or no longer available to buy new we can help with a process called reverse engineering. We can take the part you require measure it up and create a 3D computer model of the part that can be used to create as many new parts as you require.

CAD/CAM and Design

We use the very latest and most advanced CAD/CAM systems available for our industry. We are able to design parts on CAD and in one single program are able to create a CNC program for the part that can be downloaded to the machine to make the part. This process is especially useful if changes to designs need to be made as it only take a matter of minutes to change on the CAD drawing and create a new CNC program.


All Enquiries Welcome

We welcome all enquiries for machined components and always aim to have a competitive price quotation returned within 1 day